VMware I Moved It / I Copied It

The Problem

In our environment we use virtual machines on a nested hypervisor for testing. When clone or move the nested hypervisor virtual machine to another machine, the internal virtual machines all had the icon next to them indicating that they could not power up and needed attention. Upon opening a remote console session to the virtual machine, I am prompted with the following:

Of course this can be rather annoying if you must manually alter the settings for these machines on a large scale.

The Resolution

Found in the VMware KB article  “I moved it” or “I copied it” selection really just specifies whether or not the virtual machines UUID is kept or recreated.

This question can be answered automatically in the virtual machines VMX file.

To always keep the UUID add the following line to your VMX file:

uuid.action = “keep”

Note there are other circumstances that can affect the popup box appearance. I will defer to the VMware KB article for additional explanations regarding specific circumstances.


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