How to disable IE Enhanced Security in Windows 2008

Have you installed Windows 2008 and tried using Internet Explorer only to find that everything that you go to has to be added to an approved list?

Have you installed another browser just to get around this problem?

Well, you probably don’t need to install another browser if you don’t want to because there is a quick way to turn this security feature off.

In the taskbar you can click on the Server Manager icon as depicted below:

In the Server Manager main window under Server Summary -> Security Information you will find a link named Configure IE ESC. Click on Configure IE ESC.

The Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration will appear. This window is where you can shut-off the Enhanced Security feature by clicking the Off radio button for Administrators and/or Users account and clicking OK.

Note – you will need to close and re-open Internet Explorer to see the effects of this changed setting.


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